Monday, September 08, 2014

Refashion: M&S Maxi to Slouchy Harem Pants

Before our house move (and the temporary loss of sewing facilities) a couple of weeks ago I had time to squeeze in a few projects. One was this refashion of a thrifted maxi into some so so comfy (read "worn to death whilst chilling at home") slouchy harem pants. Difficult to tell from the picture but the skirt comprised of central jersey panels with the side panels made from a kind of textured crepe with utility style slouchy pockets....

You can kinda see the panelling and seaming in this photo

This could not have been simpler really! I marked out new inseams and a curved "dropped crotch" seam with pins...I completely eyeballed this...

Then I cut out the excess leaving a little allowance for serging... basically. That was it.

These are sooooo comfy for lounging around in at home, and were lovely to wear dressed up a bit more on an evening out during our trip to Malta, back in August. So much so that I used these as a base to draft a similar pair from scratch. Deets on that coming soon!

Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY: Jump Ring Necklace & Bracelet

Got a spare 20 minutes? That's all this necklace took to make....

All it takes is a length of leather/suede cord and a tube of silver jump rings...

Start with about a 70cm length of leather. About 30cm down tie a simple knot. Thread on your jump rings for about 10cm. Then tie another knot to secure the jump rings in the centre of the length of leather. Then tie off both loose ends with a sliding knot and trim the excess....simple!

I made a matching little bracelet with the 30cm of leather left over from my 1m length :) Adjustable. Quick. Simple. Understated.

I love the contrast of the silver against the leather...and for someone who doesn't wear a great deal of jewellery...I've been wearing this alot! Planning some in coloured suede/leather or silk cord....go make some...stat! :)

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